Municipal Economic Law

Municipal economic law concerns the entrepreneurial activities of the public sector and encompasses all legal norms that regulate its participation in economic life; therefore, several areas of law are regularly affected. Frequently, the focus is on transactions under corporate or civil law, which then have points of contact with municipal, tax, public procurement or state aid law, for example. The handling of mandates is therefore characterised by interdisciplinary cooperation.

Battke Grünberg's "Municipal Economy Team" advises and represents, in particular, cities, municipalities, administrative districts, special purpose associations and their (own) companies in all legal matters. This includes, for example, project support and management in strategic matters. This includes, among other things, the establishment of or participation in companies, the reorganisation of participation structures in privatisation or remunicipalisation. In addition, the range of advice includes the drafting of contracts and the planning of entrepreneurial projects of the public sector. The team of lawyers then also accompanies the necessary committee consultations in city, municipal or supervisory boards and conducts the necessary coordination with the authorities. This also includes representation in potential disputes.

  • Corporate law, in particular limited liability company law
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Drafting of articles of association
  • Privatisation and remunicipalisation
  • (Re)organisation of shareholding structure (municipal group)
  • Rights and duties of executive bodies including liability of executive bodies (shareholders' meeting, management, supervisory board)
  • Training of municipal supervisory boards
  • Expert opinions with comparison of legal forms
  • Coordination with authorities

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